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bicycle repair and maintenance

Now ANYONE Can Learn To Repair & Maintain Bicycles From Home! Go From
Beginner To Expert With Over 200 Step-By-Step Videos...

From: The Desk of Dave Delgado

Professional Bike Designer & Owner of DIYBikeRepair
Lets face it... repairing or maintaining your bicycle is a hassle and
oftentimes, daunting. Even worst are bike shops that charge you an arm
and a leg for basic repairs!

Imagine being able to fix,maintain and upgrade your bikes easily and in
a shortest time WITHOUT paying for expensive workshop fees?

Now you can.. and you can do it from home, in weeks not years without
wasting money, time and effort on pricy repair fees

" Possibly the fastest way for anyone to learn bike repair. And you can
do it all from the privacy of your home. "

- Bicycling Magazine, 2012

A Little Background -- And The BIG Problem...

bike repair shop My name is Dave Delgado and I've been riding and
fixing bikes professionally for almost 20 years. I'm also a
professional frame builder and designer. I contribute regularly to
various biking magazines and cycling publications.

The truth is, I often see new bicycle owners get confused and frazzled
with their bikes. What's more, many are unsure how to properly maintain
and upkeep them, let alone repair their own bikes.

So here's what I realized: Wouldn't it be great if there is a complete
jam-packed INTENSIVE course that teaches students the basics to
advanced techniques of bike repair and maintenance...from home?

See, I have looked at just about every bike repair & maintenance
material out there. I don't like any of them. Sadly, most courses
available suffer from the following:

Instructions are too vague and lacking in detail

One-dimensional teaching that leaves more questions than answers

Most materials are out-dated and does not cover the latest designs

Skips over important parts and the diagrams are confusing and unclear

Disgused as expensive advertisements for tools and gimmicks.

And if you're just starting out, let me tell you I know how frustrating
it is, because I personally had gone through the same experience years

Well, luckily for you, these problems become a blessing in disguise.
Over the past 5 years, through a long process of trial, error and
experimentation, I have developed the most comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE
course that teaches you EVERYTHING you ever need to know about bike
repair and maintenance.

DIYBikRepair "Masterclass" system is very simple...

repair bicycle course

The entire program consists of over 200 videos, spanning 10 hours and
150 pages of manuals, systematically teaching you all repair procedures
and maintenance tips on EVERY section of a bike. It's the most
jam-packed and intensive bike repair course you'll ever experience.
* 200 videos (10 hours) plus 150 pages of in-depth lessons
* Step-by-step instruction program presented in an easy-to-follow
* Detailed specifications, exploded views and photographs
* Suitable for BOTH beginners and seasoned dancers.
* Learn to fix, upgrade and maintain any bike, from road, race and
mountain bikes.
* From the simplest repair procedure to the most complex...
* Clearly see all procedures from multiple viewing angles, including
up-close views.


"The Ultimate Masterclass"

bike maintenance class training

3 seperate expert teachers means you get diversity in teaching
styles working on different bikes and a better learning experience.

The course covers 3 distinct types of bicycles, road, race and
mountain bikes. Learn different procedures working on different types
of bikes.

Over 200+ videos + 150 pages of manuals. It includes basic
repairs all the way up to complex procedures.

So What Makes This The #1 Bike Repair Course?

1. Over 200+ Videos (10 Hours) of Professional Bike Repair, Maintenence
and Upgrading Lessons
Learn to take care of your bike with over 200 videos spanning over 10
hours of step-by-step instructions. The first 4 hours covers basic
repairs and rest covers maintenence, upgrading steps and little-know
tips to empower you to work on your bicycle like a professional!

2. Fun, Engaging, Step By Step and Easy To Follow Video Instructions
and Illustrations
Each segment breaks down, explains and demostrates the basic repair
procedures and an easy-to-grasp step sequence that shows how to do it
yourself. It contains hundreds of illustrations and easy to follow
instructions. Learn shortcuts with detailed specifications, exploded
views, and photographs.

3. Different Teachers - 3 Types of Bikes
With 3 teachers covering different types of bikes, you'll get to
experience various teaching styles and level of difficulty. This course
covers various bicycles to make this the most complete course on the

* Road Bikes
* Race Bikes
* Mountain Bikes

4. Excellent For Beginners & Advanced Cyclists!
The entire course is perfect for beginners or more seasoned bikes
looking for a review of technique. The beginning cyclist learn how to
perform basic tasks and the experienced cyclist will discoveradvanced
repair and upgrading procedures.

5. Innovative Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production
This high-caliber package has earned accolades for Dave's clear
teaching style, his attention to detail, as well as for its exceptional
production quality. With the innovative fast-track method of teaching
beginners and the supportive, nurturing style, its like a personal
trainer guiding you. Skip and choose between topics and chapters as you

6. Includes A Great 150 Page Illustrated Repair Manual
Over 150+ pages of fully illustrated instructions, detailed colored
photos, notes and tips. Learn the maintenance needs of different bikes,
shows how the parts of a bike fit together, and tells you how best to
use your tools to perform basic tasks such as cleaning and lubricating.

7. Instant Access To Videos
You'll get INSTANT lifetime access to all the videos in our members
area with one-on-one video chat/email support with Dave. Why waste time
waiting for the mail to arrive when you can get started within minutes!
You also have the option to get all the videos on DVDs if you desire.

Order DIYBikeRepair & Watch The Videos Now

- Curtis Mayman
Bike Buying Website Owner and Reviewer
Frankfort, NY

"The Only Repair Guide You Really Need! "

"DIYBikeRepair is really all anybody needs. If you need much more than
this then you are repairing junk which should be replaced!

This allowed me, in the space of just a few hours, to go from knowing
nothing about derailleurs to completely removing, reinstalling, and
perfectly adjusting the gear system on an old bike.."

A closer look at a partial list of videos in this high-caliber
multimedia package:

General Repair & maintenance
Cleaning, Lubricating and Troubleshooting
Gear System Overview
Service and Replace Cables, Cassettes Service and Replace Chainsets
Adjust Indexing & Gear Ratios
How to Adjust a Bikes Headset
How to Adjust a Bikes Hub
How to Adjust a Bottom Bracket
How to Change a Bicycle Chain
How to Change a Bicycle Tire
How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars
How to Change a Flat Bike Tire
How to Check a Bikes Hanger Alignmen
tHow to Fix a Bicycle Spoke
How to Choose Fenders for Your Bike
How to Cut a Bikes Cable Housing
How to Determine the Correct Saddle Height for Your Bike
How to Fix a Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off
How to Fix a Rusty Bicycle Chain
How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain
How to Install a Threadless Stem for Your Bike
How to Install Bar Ends for Your Bike
How to Prevent Rust in Your Bike Frame
How to Replace a Bikes Brake Pads
How to Replace a Bikes Chain Rings
How to Replace Bike Grips
How to Replace Bike Handlebars
How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike
How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars
How to Adjust the Brakes on Your Bicycle
How to Convert a Bike to Fixed Gear
How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle
How to Install a Quill Stem for Your Bike
How to Pedal the Correct Revolutions Per Minute
How to Set Up Your Road Bike for Racing
How to Tighten or Loosen Bicycle Brakes

Easy D-I-Y Series

Change the Stock Tires on a Bike
Change Your Bicycle Seat Angle
Deflate a Bicycle Tire
Find Your Seat Height
Install a Bicycle Tire
Install Bicycle Handlebars
Install Bicycle Pedals
Install Break Levers on a Bicycle Handlebar
Install the Shifter Lever on Bicycle Handlebars
Pick Bicycle Handlebars
Remove a Bicycle Seat
Remove a Flat Tire from a Bicycle Wheel
Remove Bicycle Pedals
Remove Handlebars on Your Mountain Bike
Remove Tires from Mountain Bikes
Tips for Adjusting Your Bicycle Seat Height
Tips for Bicycle Seats
Tips for Changing a Bicycle Tire

Custom Gears and Parts

Changing a Mountain Bike Front Spindle and Derailleur
Going From Three to Two Bike Chain Rings
How to Change a Bikes Handlebar Stem
How to Change a Derailleur
How to Change a Gear Cassette
How to Change Chain Rings
How to Change Stock Parts
How to Install a Mountain Bike Gear Cassette
How to Install a New Bike Handlebar Stem
How to Remove a Gear Cassette
How to Remove a Handlebar Stem
How to Remove Chain Rings
How to Replace Small Chain Rings
How to Store Gear Cassette After its Removal
Learn Handlebar Stem Adjustments
Replacing Chain Rings

Mountain Biking Safety

Choose the Right Cycling Clothing
How to Check the Tire Pressure
How to Conduct a Brakes Safety Check
How to Conduct a Wheel Safety Check
How to Fall Gracefully
How to Jump Off a Mountain Bike
How to Shift Gears
Learn About Clipless Pedals
Learn How Gears Work on a Mountain Bike
Learn the Different Pedal Systems
Pick a Properly Fitting Helmet
Pick the Right Tool Kit
Understand Safety Gear for Mountain Bikers
Understand Shifting Problems
Understand Trail Rules

General Information

How to Buy a Bicycle
How to Buy a Road Bike Fork
How to Buy a Used Bike
How to Buy Rain Gear for a Bike
How to Determine the Correct Frame Size
How to Determine Which Type of Bike to Buy
How to Do a Wheelie on a Bike
How to Do an Endo or Stoppie on a Bike
How to Buy a Bike Computer
How to Buy a Bike Indoor Trainer
How to Buy a Bike Rack for Your Car

Suspension Parts and Maintenance
Tuning and Adjusting Coil, Air-Sprung Forks
Tuning and Adjusting Rear Suspension
Adjust Damping Compression
Adjust Damping Rebound
Front Sag Setting Tips
Front Suspension Systems
Damper Tips
Front Sag Setting Tips
Front Suspension Systems
Front Suspension Tips
Rear Sag Setting Tips
Rear Suspension Systems
Rear Suspension Tips
Suspension Ported Dampers
Suspension Systems
Tire Pressure Tips
Tire Selection Tips
Tire Tricks & Selection Tips
Wet Roads Safety Tips
Rear Sag Setting Tips
Tires in Wet Conditions
Front Sag for Mountain Bikes
Tips for Damping Settings
Tips for Mountain Bike Suspension Dampers
Tube vs. Tubeless Bicycle Tires
Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires
Types of Mountain Bike Dampers
Types of Mountain Bike Tires

Advanced DIY Repairing

The Complete Guide to Derailleurs
The Quick Release, Spokes, Hubs, Rims and Wheel Truing
Maintain and Upgrade Callipers, V-Brakes Cable and Hydraulic Disc
The Drive Train - Maintain and Upgrade
Working with Cranks, Chain Rings
Care and Maintenance for a Mountain Bike
Choose Gears for Mountain Bikes
External Ball Bearing and Mountain Biking Tips
Function of Bolt Circle BCD
Install External Ball Bearings
Install ISIS & the Chai
Install Square Taper Cranks
Remove External Bearing Cranks
Remove ISIS from a Mountain Bike
Remove Square Taper Crank
What are Crank and Bottom Bracket
What are External Bearing Cranks
What is the Bolt Circle BC & the Chainguide
Adjust Stem Height on a Mountain Bike
Adjust the Headset on Mountain Bikes
Bed In New Brake Pads
Bleed Brakes with Avid System
Bleed Brakes with Hytes System
Different Headsets for Mountain Bikes
Different Systems For a Mountain Bike
How Do Hydraulic Calipers Work
Overview of Brake System
Overview on Headset System
Remove & Replace Brake Pads
Remove Mountain Bike Wheels
Replace Brake Pads on Hayes System Bikes
Downhill Mountain Biking Brakes
Replace Brakes on Mountain Bikes
Tips for Removing Brake Pads
Tips for When To Replace Brakes
Types of Headsets
What are Hydraulic Calipers

Cyclocross Bikes

Advice and Chain Retention Tips
Advice and Gearing Size Tips
How to Adjust Clincher Tire Pressure
How to Adjust Handlebar Controls
How to Adjust Handlebar Width
How to Adjust Seat Height
How to Adjust Tubular Tire Pressure
How to Change a Road Bike to a Cyclocross Bike
How to Distribute Weight on Cyclocross Bikes
How to Select Tire Tread
How to Set Up Cyclocross Bike Brakes
How to Tweak Brake Setup
How to Tweak Cable Routing

Road Bike Maintenance

Adjusting Threaded Headsets
Choose the Right Pedals for a Road Bike
Create a Road Bike Checklist
How to Inflate your Tires
How to Make Shift Adjustments
How to Measure your Bicycle Seat Height
How to Ride a Road Bike
How to Set Up a Bicycle Chain
How to Shift a Road Bike
Learn Regular Maintenance for Road Bikes
Learn Road Bike Gearing Tips
Learn Road Bike Information
Learn Sitting Positions
Learn the Parts of a Road Bike
Learn Tips for Road Bike Chains
Understand the Lifespan of a Tire


Sample Videos:

Here's a video you can watch as a sample. Do note that the video shown
here is reduced in quality and only shows a limited segment of the

How To Do Adjust A Rear Derailleur
(After clicking "Play", please wait while the video loads)


Enjoy three ways of watching our videos:

All of our videos are available for download to your computer. This
allows you to keep the file and watch them over and over again without
being online.

You can watch the video lessons immediately via a members area. Get
lifetime streaming access with no expiry date.

Don't feel like watching online? You can also get all the videos on
DVDs. This allows you to watch the videos anytime.

Order DIYBikeRepair & Watch The Videos Now

Guaranteed To Shorten The Learning Curve...

Listen, I've held nothing back.

I provide detailed tips and step-by-step visualisations promoting
correct, solid methods from the very start, for easy following with
each video.

Everything is broken down by chapters for the various mechanical
systems of the bicycle and educates you on the various technologies and
tools involved.
* how to repair bike chain You will learn all tricks of the trade and
acquire techniques that the professional repair shops don't want
you to know.
* I will guide you through sequences of steps building from simple
repairs to complex upgrades
* If you're a seasoned mechanic, you'll find a new technique or two
that can kick your skill level into the stratosphere.
* If you're a beginner, you'll be privy to training that would cost
you years of time, and tons of money.

The bottom line is this: DIYBikeRepair "The Ultimate Masterclass" is
guaranteed to shorten the learning curve
and makes this the Easiest, Fastest and MOST EFFECTIVE bike repair
learning method.

Don't Step Into A Bike Repair Shop Again!

Listen, you don't have to take your bike to the local repair shop. Why
pay hundreds of dollars when you can do it all by yourself!

Bike repair is not just a great hobby, it's an immensely useful skill!
You can save an enormous amount of money and time by doing your own
repairs, and you can customize your bike to your heart's content.

Whats more, doing your own repair means that you DON'T have to pay
workshops to do what you can do.

Here's What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

DIYBikeRepair have been distributed all over the world. It's almost
embarrassing, but I get letters and emails from customers who have used
what they've learned to repair, maintain and even upgrade their own
bikes. Some of them have even gone on to start successful bike repair

But don't just take my word for it... listen to what satisfied
customers have to say:

- Leo Williams
Professional Racer
USA Cycling Org.

"A Must For Anyone Who Is Serious About Biking... "

"Haynes is famous for automobile and bike repair books, and this is
even better than those.

All photos are in color, the steps are broken down and illustrated
clearly, with the use of tools shown explicitly. Very nicely done.
DIYBIkeRepair is a must for anybody who is serious about biking."

Tom Lindsay
Grundy, VA

"This Course Pays For Itself Many Times Over.... "

"This can't be beat for price and quality. This is the most complete
one yet. After looking at several other bicycle repair manuals, it was
a joy to come across this that is just right on the money.
This is something that belongs on the bookshelf of every bicyclist out
there. The course easily pays for itself many times over by giving the
novice bicycle mechanic the guidance and instruction in doing his own

- Derek Barlow Harpster, OH

"The Best Repair Manual & Videos On The Market! "

"Regardless of your skill level, this book and video collection is a
great to have on hand. The videos are well presented, manuals are
clearly written, good diagrams and pictures.

I've watched tons of these vids on this topic and this one is the only
one that makes me think I could do this. This is the best bicycle
repair manual and video course on the market by far. Highly recommended
for all bicycle enthusiasts.

- Ernest Oneil
East Sussex, UK

"Makes Tackling The Most Daunting Task Fun & Easy..."

"Dave's friendly advice and years of experience make tackling even the
most daunting task fun and easy! No matter what mountain or road bike
you may have in your garage, chances are you'll find it-and the way to
fix it-in these videos.
I would recommend it to anyone just getting started with bicycle

Order DIYBikeRepair & Start Working On Your Bike Now

Get Your Very Own Bike Mechanic For Life...

I will fully explain and demostrate every procedure and if you feel you
have missed an important part, you can simply stop and replay back and
forth until you master it.

It is the nearest you will get to one-on-one training! By learning bike
repair on videos, it's like having a FREE mechanic at home for life!

More importantly, because the program includes 3 teachers, 3 types of
bikes, 10 hours of step-by-step videos + private coaching, you won't
find any other program as effective as this one anywhere else.

Best of all, the entire program is easy to follow. From the very first
video you watch, I will systematically work you through a series of
basic repairs that progress you, using each as a building block to
progress onto the next procedure.

Claim These Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Now...

Listen, I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately
guarantee the success of your efforts to learn bicycle maintenence and

So if you act on or before in 2 days , I've decided to give anyone who
claims a copy of DIYBikeRepair Today FULL ACCESS to the following 3
Super Bonuses:

BONUS #1 - Bicycle TuneUp Secrets and Upkeep Tips (HOT!)

mountain bike repair

This is my personal guide on bicycle tuneup secrets and upkeeping tips.
These are tips and tricks that I've learnt over the past 20 years.
Every single page shows you how things work with easy to follow
instructions and diagrams.
+ Unlock the hidden potential of your bike
+ Hidden tweaks and tips to improve your biking experience
+ Scores of specialist tips and loads of "inside" workshop
+ Discover the art of "preventive maintenance" to keep your bike
in tip-top condition
+ Walks you through the arduous task of rebuilding special parts
that some shop mechanics haven't even heard of.

Value: $49.95 Yours FREE
BONUS #2 - FREE Lifetime Updates

bellydancingcourse membership

When a new videos get released- you will get it FREE of Charge! It's
easy - you will get the instructions via email for immediate download
so you can view them instantly. We released new updates every month.
In fact, in the near future, this will be offered as part of a deluxe
membership package at a much higher price. Order now and you are
guaranteed to get all future videos FREE for life!
Usual Price: $10 Per Month Membership. But you'll get Free Lifetime
Access If You Order Today!
SUPER BONUS #3 - Free 1-Year One-on-One Coaching With Dave (Only a
Few Spots Left!)

one-on-one private coaching dave

Would you like one-on-one skype coaching with Dave?
That's right One-on-one video private coaching, advice and guidance
from me are always just a private email or skype call away. If you're
confused, you can have your questions privately answered anytime. I'd
love to hear from you!
Sold Separately - $20 per hour - yours FREE for 1 Year (Limit 1 hour
per day)
This help is practically priceless. The one-on-one support means
someone is always there for you... you're never left to deal with
your questions alone. This acts as a "custom-made" program to
ensure you are always on track, you are always encouraged, and...
you'll get ONE-ON-ONE feedback and support from me. With the
exclusive one-on-one skype/email coaching, you'll never be left
alone with your questions.

WARNING! You Must Hurry! Only A Few Spots Left!
I'm sure you realize that I can't offer this free bonus for long. I
only have that many hours everyday. You must act fast if you want
to get the free private coaching. It will not be long before I
completely remove it from the package.
Do note that due to exclusive nature of the support and obvious
time constraints, this invaluable personal guidance is available
for a limited number of people. If you're seeing this message, that
means that it's still available. The next time you visit, it'll
probably be gone.There are only a few spots left, so please hurry.
Click here to start now

Claim All Your Free Bonuses Now

My Ironclad 100% Satisfaction "Love It or Shove It" Guarantee

city and guilds certificate in hairdressing money back guarantee It's
important to me that you to have all the resources and training to
master bike repair. I'm totally confident after you've applied what
you've learnt in the videos, you'll be on your way to mastering the

But, if there's any chance at all you're not satisfied with the videos
then contact me within 60 days of your order for a FULL refund.

Yes. That's right. Take 60 days to evaluate the videos. You have plenty
of time to make sure that this is right for you because if you are not
100% satisfied, just send me an email and I will give you every penny
of your money back. No hassles and no questions asked. . Right up to
the final day of this 60 day guarantee. Even better, you get to keep
all the bonuses!

Try DIYBikeRepair RISK-FREE For 2 Months Now

So here's what I'm offering you today:

DIYBikeRepair and the FREE Bonuses
+ One-On-One Coaching + Instant Access
- All Yours for Just [DEL: $127 :DEL] $47!

diybikerepair dvd videos That's right, you'll get the complete course
today, instantly for only a one-time payment of $47. (There are only a
few spots left for the coaching and they are going quick!)

Now, compare over a thousand dollars of bike repair fees with the
incredibly low price we're giving you to follow the course and master
the skills that mechanics take years to learn.

Even better, you can view the videos risk-free for 2 months. You'll be
protected by my 60-day no questions asked guarantee.

Remember - The entire course available via instant download, online
streaming as well as DVDs. You can watching the videos in 5 minutes!

And, for a one-time payment, you'll get lifetime access, so any future
updates or new videos will be yours for FREE.

Here's Exactly What You Need To Do Right Now...

Click the button in the order form below and you'll be taken to a
secure order page. You will then be able to view and download
DIYBikeRepair and all the other bonuses instantly.

[_] YES! Give It To Me Now! I Want To Master Bike Repair & Maintenance With
The DIYBikeRepair Course.

bike maintenance class training

Here's what you'll get:
* You will grant me instant access. Once my enrollment is
successfully processed, you will give me immediate access to the
DIYBikeRepair program, 200+ videos, 10 hours of training, 150 pages
of manuals, bonuses, lifetime updates PLUS one-on-one coaching.
* I get unlimited access to stream and download all the videos as
well as the option of DVDs shipped to my mailbox.
* By taking quick action today, I only pay a low investment of just
$47. There are no renewals, no recurring fees, no other charges.
This is a LIFETIME membership.
* In addition, I understand that I will forfeit this introductory
price and the bonuses if I do not purchase it now.
* I further understand that on top of all these incredible benefits,
I am backed by your "Love It Or Shove It" 100% Risk-Free Money Back

- -
[ Add To Cart ]

(Promotional price will end anytime after in 2 days )

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.-
To ensure your information stays secure, DIYBikeRepair payments are
backed by McAfee Secure, so you know you can order from us at any time
in full confidence!

See you on the inside,

Dave Delgado,
Professional Bike Designer & Owner of DIYBikeRepair

P.S. So here's the deal. Order now and take the class. mean REALLY take
the class. Get as much out of it as you can. Once it's over, ask
yourself, "was this worth it?" If your answer isn't a resounding HELL
YES, then let me know and I'll refund every penny. So you literally
have nothing to lose.

P.S.S. Get your hands on DIYBikeRepair for a one time payment of $47.
For less than a night out, you get access to information that make bike
ownership safer, more fun, and more satisfying.

P.S.S.S. I plan to increase the price very shortly. If you are serious
about this, you need to order today to take advantage of this
Get started right now: Click here to order DIYBikeRepair Course now >>

- Willard Le
Denver, CO

"Nobody Teaches These Skills Better Than Dave"

"Understanding the mechanics of your bike, knowing how to adjust it to
suit your riding style, and knowing how to keep it running smoothly are
essential to your mountain biking performance. Nobody teaches these
skills better than Dave Delgado.

This course should work for just about every cyclist out there, whether
you're a road warrior, hard-core mountain biker, or just enjoy a casual
ride to the coffee shop on Sunday mornings."

Remember, in a short time from now you will have access to the most
effective way to learn bike repair and maintenence online... If you are
looking for the easiest, fastest and the most fun way to learn these
skills, than I urge you to get in while its cheap.

So take action & order now :

- -
[ Add To Cart ]

(Promotional price will end anytime after in 2 days )

- - - -
Dave Delgado
2621 Helton Court
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
United States

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